Hi guys,

I can't believe the last newsletter I sent was in January and it's already April! Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their spring. I've been busy continuing to promote No Longer Broken with interviews and radio play. I don't always get copies of the interviews but there are a couple new ones you can hear. One was with Ray Powers from The Ray Powers Hour on New Visions Radio Network, which can be heard here on my website, and the other was with the John and Dan from Behind The Barricade and can be heard here on SoundCloud. In addition I've been interviewed a couple of times on The Pack Show on Fame Music Radio out of South Africa. We couldn't have done that even just a few years ago. Thank you Skype! I can't list all the stations that have been kind enough to add songs from the new cd but check out my Facebook page as I usually add links there when I know about airplay ahead of time. 

Couple of items regarding Every Song Is You. We are working on putting together a music video for it and the awesome and talented David Lillich with be directing, filming and editing. We've been figuring out locations and such. Hope to have it for you very soon. The song was also chosen as a Semi-Finalist in the most recent Song of the Year Contest. Always nice to get a little pat on the back for all the hard work. Every Song Is You was written by myself, Jeffery Marshall and Courtney Leigh Heins.

In other news I've added a Special Merchandise page to the website where you can get autographed CD's, limited edition posters and even some jewelry, which I created. The jewelry is very limited quanties and each will come with a download card for one of my singles. Right now there are some butterfly bracelets that I think you will really like either for yourself or as a gift. Items will change as I make more. And hey, it's a great way to help me get that video made...subtle, I know. ;-) 

That's all the news for now. No Longer Broken is available at iTunes and CD Baby, physical copies of the cd are available at CD Baby where you can actually speak to a real person here in the US by calling 1-800-Buy-My-CD! Don't forget to leave a rating or short review wherever you purchase or listen to my music as it greatly increases the changes of my music being discovered by others. Here is the link to my Facebook Music Page if you'd like to join me there. Be sure to choose "get notifications" if you do so you don't miss anything. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube page as well.

As always, I am so very grateful for your support.


Hi guys!

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday! I was busy putting some new music stuff together for you, so here it is!

First, there are some new music videos up on my YouTube page. There are two full-length videos from the cd release concert held at Ultimate Studios of the songs No Longer Broken and Sugar & Rain. Joining me on these songs are Jeffery Marshall and Carla Buffa. Big thanks to Victor Salazar who filmed and edited the videos. 

I also created a new cd cover video for the song Every Song Is You. In addition to my YouTube page you can now watch all my videos on the new video page on my website. I've added more photos on the photo page too. Check it out! 


The other big news is an interview in No Depression, which just went up on their site. I'm very excited to be profiled by such a respected magazine. You may remember they gave No Longer Broken a great review, which lead to the article. Very grateful for their continued support.


If you missed last month's on-air interview on Rainrock Radio, I've created a section on my website in the music page where you can listen to it and other radio interviews I do. There are more coming up soon so check my calendar page or Facebook page for all latest.


Lastly, I want to mention our next show is coming up on Saturday, February 20th at the Universal Bar & Grill across from Universal Studios. Joining me that night will be Jeff along with my other favorite guitarist John DePatie. It's been several years since the three of us have done a show together and I'm looking forward to playing with the guys again. Will probably have a special guest as well.


No Longer Broken is available at iTunes and CD Baby, physical copies of the cd are available at CD Baby actually speak to a real person here in the US by calling 1-800-Buy-My-CD! Don't forget to leave a rating or short review wherever you purchase or listen to my music as it greatly increases the changes of my music being discovered by others. Here is the link to my Facebook Music Page if you'd like to join me there. 


Thanks for all your support! Debbie

Hi Kids,

I can't believe Christmas is coming up next week! Just want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Years! Sorry, I'm a week late for Hanukkah! Oy Vey! Hope no matter how you celebrate this year you have a wonderful holiday. 

There's a lot of news coming in the New Year: more interviews, more music, more videos, more shows, all for the new CD No Longer Broken. I've added an interview section to the website where you can hear some of the radio interviews I've been doing and of course, the No Longer Broken CD release show and interview video is up as well. 

If you need a great stocking stuffer you still have time to get a copy of No Longer Broken just by calling 1-800-Buy-My-CD and talking to the nice people at CD Baby, or you can order from my page on their website. Of course, it is available at iTunes as well. All four of my Christmas songs are available as well. Wow, that was subtle, right? :-p

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season! As always, I am so grateful for your support! dh


Hi Kids!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Lot's of music news so let's just get to it!

Exclusive Video for the new cd No Longer Broken:

The really big news is an exclusive video interview and behind the scenes look at my new cd No Longer Broken. In July we held a cd release party and acoustic concert at Ultimate Studios, Inc. to introduce the new cd and joining me that night for the concert were producer/co-writer/guitarist Jeffery Marshall, Carla Buffa and Aubrey Richmond. A few weeks later I went back to film an interview and after a lot of work by videographer and editor Victor Salazar and myself the video is up on my official YouTube channel and my website for you to enjoy. It moves pretty quick and you get a taste of 5 of the songs from the cd along with me discussing how it all came together. Plus you get to hear about how a 7 year old spent her time listening to the Johnny Cash prison records - who doesn't want to know about that?! This video and the cd release show would not have happened without one of my favorite guys Charlie Waymire of Ultimate Studios along with an assist by Federico Angel and everyone else who helped and was there that night. Please take a look, suscribe to my YouTube page, if you haven't already, and feel free to share the link to the video!

Rainrock Radio Interview this Friday:

This Friday, December 4th I'll be doing a live interview on Rainrock Radio at 7pm EST / 4pm PST. I'll be talking with DJ Raine, who along with Rainrock Radio, has been a long time supporter of my music. We'll be discussing the cd, playing songs and giving away at least one signed copy. You can listen a couple of ways: on the Rainrock Radio website - you will need to register, it only takes a moment - or the other easy way to listen is with the app on Google Play. Here is the link to the Facebook event if you'd like to keep up with updates before the show.

Other interviews coming up:

There will be two interviews coming up in both No Depression Magazine, which you may remember gave us an awesome review just a few months ago and Studio City Lifestyle Magazine. Both should be out in the next week or so. I'll get you the links as soon as they are available. 

No Longer Broken and all my cds make great Christmas gifts! Don't forget my Christmas singles too!

Oh, yeah, she had to go there! It is Cyber Monday after all! You can hear ALL my songs before buying on my website. You can get CD's through CD Baby or by calling 1-800-Buy-My-CD and speaking to an actual person located here in the US. If you would like a signed cd please contact me directly and I will make that happen for you for the same cost as getting it through CD Baby. US orders only please unless you want to pay the ridiculous cost of mailing it overseas. I will gladly do it for you but just know it's rather expensive. All my Christmas singles are available through CD Baby, iTunes and Amazon as digital downloads, as are the CD's and other singles. I greatly appreciate you supporting my little business and you get to give the give of music, the best gift of all! 

Don't forget to give me a rating or review or share the links as it greatly increases the changes I'll be discovered by others and I really appreciate that! You can also join me on my Facebook page!

Thank you! As always, I really appreciate all the support! Debbie

Hi guys,

Just wanted to post a quick update about our show tomorrow, Wed., Nov. 4th at the Universal Bar & Grill, 4903 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91602, right across from Universal Studios. We will be playing eight of the nine songs from the new cd, No Longer Broken, a couple of songs from previous releases and even one song we've never played live. It's going to be a very full set and joining me will be my awesome guitarist/co-writer/producer Jeffery Marshall and the very talented Carla Buffa. We go on at 9pm sharp but please get there early because kicking the evening off at 8pm will be my good friend Courtney Leigh Heins, who will be doing a full set of her music. Courtney also co-wrote two of the songs on my cd with Jeff and I. She will be joined by David Lillich and Bryan Dobbs, who also played on my new cd. So it's going to be a great night with good friends, hope you will join us. Click here is the link to the event on Facebook.  

In fun news that will never go any further the new cd and a few of the songs from it were included on the first round of the Grammy Ballot this year. Actually the most fun part was seeing my name under Don Henley's. If you'd like to read more about what cateories we are in click here to see it on my Facebook Music Page. 

No Longer Broken is available at iTunes and CD Baby, physical copies of the cd are available at CD Baby actually speak to a real person here in the US by calling 1-800-Buy-My-CD! Don't forget to leave a rating or short review wherever you purchase or listen to my music as it greatly increases the changes of my music being discovered by others. Here is the link to my Facebook Music Page if you'd like to join me there. 

Thanks for all your support! Debbie

Hi guys,

Lots of good things have happened since the new cd No Longer Broken was released in June and lots of good things to come, so I wanted to give you an update on some of them. We held a cd release party and acoustic show in July at Ultimate Studios, Inc. and we filmed the show portion for some upcoming videos, including an extended promo video for the cd. It was a great night with friends and many of the people who had worked on the cd. We discussed how we wrote many of the songs along with how the cd came together. I returned to Ultimate Studios in Sept to do a video interview, which will be part of the promo. Along with the promo video we will have music videos of selected songs from the night. I've been working with Victor Salazar, he recorded all the video for the show and the interview and is editing it all together for us, and it has been a pleasure working with him! Of course, none of this would have happened without the help of one of my favorite people Charlie Waymire of Ultimate Studios, Inc. who hosted the cd release at his beautiful studio and made sure that everything ran smoothly along with assistance from Federico Angel. The videos should be available soon. Pix from that night are up on my website and facebook page.

We are very grateful for some great reviews we've been receiving for the new cd. So far there have been reviews in No DepressionThe Pulse Magazine and Music Connection. There will also be an upcoming interview in No Depression.Speaking of interviews, I recently did a radio interview with Will Stenner, which aired on Splash Radio out of the UK. You can listen and even download the interview along with the two songs they aired here on Will's site Stenner Productions. Splash Radio has been very kind to us over the last couple of years.We've already received quite a bit of airplay all over the world and honestly the best and quickest way to keep up with who is playing us is on my facebook page where I always post when I know airplay is happening. 


Hi kids,

New CD, new website and a show this week! I'm out of control! ;-)

The new cd No Longer Broken has finally been released! Whoo hoo! Produced by my good friend, co-writer and ridiculously talented guitarist Jeffery Marshall, it contains nine songs of our special blend of musical styles of country, rock, blues and everything else that has influenced us over the years...'cause that's how we roll, as Mr. M. would say. I tease, but this cd would not have happened if not for all the work Jeff put into it and for that I am truly grateful. Listen here: No Longer Broken

I am also extremely grateful to my kick-ass musical friends who were so generous with their time and talents. First, a big thank you to Charlie Waymire who, in addition to playing drums on four tracks, lent us his recording studio, Ultimate Studios, Inc., and his mad mixing skills for some of the additional mixing that was needed. Lao Tizer for the grand piano & organ tracks on five songs, my favorite is still his piano on Whiskey Charm. The lovely Aubrey Richmond on fiddle and violin, especially the beautiful string arrangement on Let Me Go. Andrew Megna who played some of the earliest drum tracks and my favorite toms on a bridge ever on You Can't Unpull A Trigger. Kevin Chown, nobody plays bass like Chown, he rawks. The incredibly multi-instrumental talents of Bryan Dobbs on banjo & dobro, if it has strings he can play it. Matt Gendal who effortlessly took on the tricky Let Me Go and returned the perfect drums and percussion. Clayton Severson with the scorching harmonica on You Can't Unpull A Trigger and his incredible vocals on that and several other songs. The beautiful vocals of Lexie Hofer, especially on our duet on her song Woman, which is the only cover song on the cd. And my good friend Courtney Leigh Heins who added vocals to one of our co-writes Sugar and Rain. I have to thank Paul Wickcliffe of Skyline Productions, Inc. for mastering the cd. He did a fantastic job. As always, Orlando Rios who once again created the perfect artwork for me and Joe Bonn for the pix!

Of course, it all starts with the songs and this time I co-wrote 8 of them, 6 of those with Mr. Marshall, who somehow always knows when I can do just a little bit better and never settles for less than my best. Annoying ;-) but I'm always glad he pushes me in the end. Together we wrote Every Song Is You, Whiskey Charm, No Longer Broken, Sugar and Rain, You Can't Unpull A Trigger and Right For Right Now. My other incredible co-writers on this cd: Courtney Leigh Heins - Sugar and Rain, Every Song Is You; Lexie Hofer - No Longer Broken; Athena Marie - I'm Leaving the Fairytale Behind; and Tracee Perrin - Let Me Go, which always makes somebody cry at every show; each one of these ladies truly inspires me with their songwriting and music. 

No Longer Broken is available at iTunes, and CD Baby, physical copies of the cd will be available at CD Baby this week and you can even call them and speak to a real person and order the cd at 1-800-Buy-My-CD! How cool is that?!

New Website!!! Want to listen before you buy? Sure you can do that at iTunes and CD Baby OR you can check it out on my brand spanking new website www.debbiehennessey.com! YAY! Same address, new site! Completely upgraded and easy to use with lots of great features. Take it for a spin! I'll be adding new stuff over the next few weeks so be sure to check back once and in while. 

Finally, we have have a show this Thursday, June 18th at Casa Escobar in Malibu. Joining me will be Jeff Marshall on guitar & vocals, and for the first time Carla Buffa also on guitar & vocals. We will have copies of the cd and playing most of the songs from the new cd! Here's the link to the event: Debbie at Casa Escobar Malibu.

I think that's enough news for now! Lot's more stuff to come with the new cd, in the meantime you can stream the whole cd for a limited time only on my website. I hope you will give it a listen!

Thanks again for all your support, Debbie


Hi Friends!

Hope all is well with everyone. I just wanted to send you all a quick note to update you on the progress on the new cd and something really unique I recently had the opportunity to do.

This could be the only time you ever hear me say this but if you'd like to hear me sing a parody

Hi Friends!

Hope all is well with everyone. I just wanted to send you all a quick note to let you know about a show here in Los Angeles next week and update you on the cd!

Hi Friends! 

It's that holiday time of year again and first I just want to thank everyone for all their support over the past year. As always, it is greatly appreciated but this year even more so as so many friends have stepped up to help me along my musical journey. From photos, to recordings, to airplay, to shows, to videos, my friends and fans never cease to touch my heart with their generosity and kindness. You guys rock! 

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