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Entertainment Editorial - I opened Entertainment Editorial because so many artists were asking for my help with everything - publishing, royalties, licensing, copyrights, promo materials, websites, press releases, contracts/agreements, and so much more. I have an extensive background, which I describe on my site. If I can be of help to you, drop me a line there and we'll discuss your particular needs. 

Allyson Paige - One of my oldest and dearest friends and a kick-ass singer to boot! She plays extensively around the San Francisco Bay Area and in addition to her own music you can hear and see her playing with singer/songwriter Jesse Brewster, and Foni Mitchell a tribute to Joni Mitchell. 

Jeffery "Big Red" Marshall - Guitarist, co-writer, producer...truly one of the most talented guys I know. I've worked with Jeff for years both live and in the studio. In addition to playing the most amazing guitar parts, he just produced and co-wrote most of the songs on my new cd No Longer Broken. He has also produced most of my holiday releases including Please Come Home For Christmas, It Wasn't His Child, and Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. We've written and recorded several other songs together for film and TV placement and he played guitar on the Good As Gone cd as well. He also plays with and produces other artists and has a kick ass rockin blues band called Bleeding Harp.

Rye Randa - Producer of my first two cds Rustic Heart & Good As Gone, as well as my singles Hallelujah and Believe. Rye is an amazing singer, songwriter & producer. I co-wrote my song Believe with Rye and Jeff Foxworth, which appeared in an episode of the TV show The Moment. Rye is one of my favorite people to sing with and was the guy who really helped me start my indie artist career with that first cd, Rustic Heart. Rye's song Overground won first place out of over 33,000 entries in the USA Songwriting Competition. His music has been featured on HBO, ESPN, NBC, CBS, Fox, and many more TV shows and films. 

Orlando Rios - Graphic Design - I highly recommend Orlando if you need any kind of graphic design work done. Orlando created all the artwork for all my releases except for the first one. All of the cd artwork, layout, posters, advertising, postcards, logos, etc. In addition to all of my music designs I've worked with him at two other companies. We've worked together for many years now and he rocks so if you need some graphic design done, he's the man!

Jonathan Hayes - Songwriter, producer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist, Jon is a man of many talents and I'm very excited to finally be working with him. Our first co-write and release is the song True Me, which is truly one of my favorite songs. Look for it July or 2019 and keep and eye out for more music to come.

John DePatie - John has played guitar for me since just before I released Rustic Heart. I co-wrote Love Might Change Your Mind and Sounds Like Rain with John & Sunny Hilden and he played guitar on the Good As Gone cd. John and I along with Forrest Powell recently co-wrote 2 songs that needed to sound like they were written and recorded in the 1930's and so we came up with He's Gone and Westbound Train. We are also working on some famous gospell songs from before 1922. John also plays with many other great musicians including the legendary Don Randi (the Wrecking Crew), Nancy Sinatra, Kim Cameron and more. Super talented and a super sweet guy!

Charlie Waymire - The Basher! So much fun to play with, especially live. Charlie played drums on 4 of the songs on the new cd No Longer Broken and well as assisting with mixing at his awesome recording studio Ultimate Studios where he produces, egineers, masters, composes, creates videos and more. He also played drums on my Good As Gone cd. One of my favorite guys!

The HawtThorns - Husband and wife team KP Hawthorn and Johnny Hawthorn are two of the most talented (and kindest) people I know. Separately and together they have created some of my favorite music over the last 10 years. Their credits as artists, songwriters, musician, and producers are many. Check out their first cd as an official duo, Morning Sun.

Lao Tizer - Lao has toured the world with his jazz fusion music and also plays with my friends Bleeding Harp. He recently added his piano talents to 5 of the songs on No Longer Broken and my holiday release Please Come Home For Christmas.

Courtney Leigh Heins - Very talented singer and songwriter and awesome friend. Check out her cds Hot Coffee - love it, and Bright Blue World and more! Courtney and I co-wrote Memory Lane, together as well as Sugar & Rain and Every Song Is You with Jeff Marshall. 

Alison Bonn - Alison is a talented and very funny lady and one of my best friends. She writes both comedy and 'normal' songs as well as standup comedy, screenplays, articles, you name it. Alison and I have written several songs together including: Man Free WeekendChasing Ghosts, and The Sky Is You.

Lexie Hofer - Extremely talented singer and songwriter and awesome friend. In addition to her own music, which she calls grunge folk -very cool - and writing music for film, she sang backup on many of the songs on my cd No Longer Broken and sang a duet with me on Woman, which she also wrote. It's the only cover song on the cd. Please give this talented lady a listen.

Kevin Chown - Ridiculously talented bass player. Kevin has played on several of my Christmas songs included Please Come Home For Christmas and on You Can't Unpull A Trigger from the new cd No Longer Broken. Kevin plays with some diverse artists including drummer Chad Smith in Bombastic Meatbats, Sebastian Bach (Skid Row), and Tarja, as well as my friends Bleeding Harp!

Andrew Megna - One of my favorite drummers and all around great guy! Drew has lent his amazing talent to a few of my songs including Sugar and RainYou Can't Unpull A TriggerPlease Come Home For Christmas and Oh Holy Night.

Amiena - Another talented friend with a beautiful voice and honest and unique songs. She has lived and played around the world and her musical styles reflect that. 

Robin Sandoval - Amazing writer and friend. Her lyrics and melodies are so creative and fresh. We just wrote Bounce together and and have some other songs coming soon.

Clayton Severson - Incredibly talented and one of my favorite people, Clayton has a beautiful and powerful voice, is a prolific songwriter and plays guitar and harmonica. That's him you hear playing that killer harmonica part on my song You Can't Unpull A Trigger, he sings backup vocals on many of the songs on my new cd No Longer Broken. I hope you will check out this talented, young artist.

Matt Gendal - Matt is a versatile, talented drummer and percussionist and awesome guy. You can hear him on Let Me Go on the new cd No Longer Broken. You can also hear him with his band SuperNaked, who are a band that just needs to be experienced live as they are unlike any other. 

Christopher Maloney - Played bass & guitar for me for many years. Has released 2 of his own cds as well as playing with many other artists. CM played on many of the tracks on Good As Gone. He is also hilarious to hang out with. He now owns and runs Absolute Studios in Florida and we miss him here very much.

Adam Gust - Amazing drummer, played many live shows with me and played on many of the tracks on my cd Good As Gone as well as several Christmas classics we recreated for film and TV placements.

Mark Luna - Songwriter of Good As Gone, When Two Become One, This Ain't About You and I Never Had A Prayer. Mark has the voice of an angel, truly. I could go on about it but you just have to hear him sing for yourself to understand. He is also the nicest guy! I appreciate so much that he has trusted me with his songs.

Forrest Powell - Super talented pianist and composer. Forrest, John DePatie and I co-wrote He's Gone and Westbound Train together and I also sang a version of Pie Jesu for Forrest to a beautiful track that created. Did I mention that song is in Latin? He made me sing in Latin!!!

Bryan Dobbs - Multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist and all around great guy! Bryan played the dobro and banjo you hear on You Can't Unpull A Trigger and we recorded some traditional Irish songs together including When Johnny Came Marching Home and My Wild Irish Rose for a film/TV placement library. Bryan produces several artists and you should absolutely hear his band The Ne'er Duwels

Charlie Gathe - Super talented writer, instrumentalist, and producer. He co-wrote and produced the killer track for Bounce.

Carla Buffa & PJ Zitarosa - Also known as The Alphabet Astronauts this husband and wife team plays together and separately in various projects and most recently they have both backed me up at different gigs. PJ also co-stars in my Whiskey Charm music video.

Sunny Hilden - Songwriter to the stars, seriously, Sting, Ray Charles, Yolanda Adams, En Vogue, The Temptations, me...ok, so I'm not that kind of star but Sunny did co-write Love Might Change Your Mind, Sounds Like Rain and State of Grace with me and John DePatie!

Athena Marie - Songwriter Extraordinaire! She has so many great songs and writes with tons of people. Athena and I co-wrote I'm Leaving The Fairytale Behind together. We originally wrote it as a teen pop song and you can hear that version here on my site as sung by Jenna O'Gara, I then recorded it in a more acoustic version and it appears on my cd No Longer Broken.

Sarah Russo - Stunning singer. I'm so glad she came to us via Charlie Gathe to sing lead on Bounce. We really needed that perfect young pop sound for this song and Sarah was perfect. 

Fanny Grace - Paul Reeves & Carmen, Paul wrote Bluebird & Unconditionally, which I covered on Rustic Heart. Another incredibly talented and great guy. Paul and Carmen's band is called Fanny Grace and you should check them out.

Richard Wold - Richard co-wrote the song Good As Gone. He has written for Celine Dion, Anne Murray, Barbara Streisand, Lisa Brokop, Hal Ketchum and many more. I was so honored to write with him and Stan Webb when I was in Nashville. Richard comes ups with the most beautiful melodies! Writing with Richard and Stan was like taking a master class in songwriting.

Stan Webb - Stan co-wrote This Ain't About You from my first cd Rustic Heart. Stan is one of only 3 people to ever win a SESAC Lifetime Achivement Award for songwriting. When I wrote with him and Richard Wold in Nashville I was floored by how Stan can take a simple idea and turn it into a one of a kind phrase. He is funny as hell, too!

Renee Carly - I've recorded 4 of Renee's songs. She writes for others as well as herself. She also develops projects for tv and film. A good friend and wonderful talent.

Michelle Krell - Michelle and I began playing together back when I lived in the SF Bay Area. When I first moved to LA, Michelle and her husband were kind enough to let me stay with them for while until I got settled. Michelle has a songs on both Rustic Heart and Good As Gone cds and has played live with me many, many times. She has placed songs with other artists and in film. Check out her cd Concrete Scrapbook.

Tracee Perrin - My co-writer on Let Me Go. Tracee has one of my favorite voices and is a hell of a songwriter as well. Do yourself a favor and check out her music. I promise you will thank me. 

Bleeding Harp - Some of my favorite guys: Jeff Marshall, Lao Tizer, Kevin Chown, Paul Valis, Jeff Kollman. Kick ass rocking blues. Most of the guys have appeared on many of my recordings.  

Clem Jefferys - Clem is a very good friend of mine who has occasionally joined me on stage and in the studio. You can hear him play harmonica on the song Memory Lane. He had me sing a parody of the Sarah Mclaughlin song Angel for a promo video, which you can view here. Clem was also in a band called The Middle Class that is a lot of fun! They use spoons, a washboard, guitars and lots of harmonies to create a wonderful Americana sound.

Aubrey Richmond - Aubrey has played violin on my holiday song Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas and well as Right For Right Now and Let Me Go from the new cd. She is also a member of Sugar in the Gourd. She is a much in demand player with credits on many cds and plays live for many other artists including: Shooter Jennings and Ted Russel Camp.

David Lillich - Director/cinematographer/editor for Every Song Is You music video. David is top notch and so great to work with. We had a great time shooting and editing the video. He made everything fun and easy and as you can see the results are stunning. 

Zach Jordan - Back before he founded his current company Joe Digital, Zach produced and directed the music video for Good As Gone. Super great guy. Be sure to check out the film Carpe Kilimanjaro and the very personal story behind it that has led to the creation of the My Alzheimers site dedicated to helping raise awareness and money for a cure by building worlds largest collection of Alzheimers stories. 

Glenn Sauber - Glenn was the DP on the Good As Gone music video and another great guy to work with. He now lives in Northern CA with his family and produces video content through his company Brightlighter Productions.

Jody Barton - We were very lucky to get actor Jody Barton (Josh's Lover's, To Jennifer, 13/13/13) to play the love interest in the Every Song Is You music video. He's is a total pro, so intuitive and natural on camera and made it easy for me - who can't act her way out of a paper bag - to relax and just have fun with it.

On-Stage Stands - Hands down the best, most affordable equipment stands on the market and used world wide. Tons of innovative products as well. In the interest transparency ;-) all On-Stage stands and products are designed by my uncle Jim Hennessey and the company is run by my cousins Sharon Hennessey and John Hennessey. 

Woodcliff Studio - Frank Rosato engineer, owner, genius! Frank used his amazing ears to engineered and mix my cd Good As Gone. What a joy to work with, funny as can be and just so talented.

Lurssen Mastering - Multi-Grammy Award Winner Gavin Lurssen mastered my Good As Gone cd as well as my Hallelujah and Winter Wonderland singles. Ridiculously talented and one of the nicest guys in the biz! 

Mike Healy Photography - Mikel photographed both of my cds Rustic Heart and Good As Gone. I love working with Mikel! Not only is she an exceptional photographer but she really knows how to make you completely comfortable so that you can be your best.

Paul Wickcliffe, Skyline Productions, Inc. - Paul's resume reads like a who's who of music and I'm very grateful for his expert mastering of the No Longer Broken cd. 

Rock n' Roll Camp for Girls Los Angeles - One of my favorite organizations. Empowering girls through music. In 2018 my song Believe was one of only three songs chosen by the girls to create a music video in the second session. In one week the girls, ages approx 12/13 yrs, were required to choose a song, create a concept, do pre-production, filming, and editing, the video premiered at the camp showcase held at the world famous Troubadour. I spent their filming day with the girls and was in the video with them. This was truly one of the best days I have ever had as a musician. 

Clifford BrooksThe Southern Collective Experience -  An arts organization founded by my friend Clifford Brooks after his first book of poetry, The Draw of Broken Eyes & Whirling Metaphysics, was published. Cliff is one cool dude. His poem Blues Solo inspired the song State of Grace. The Southern Collective Experience is a group of people who not only dream of being an artist, but have gained sucess in that endeavor. They promote and provide personal support for each other and have grown to include a magazine called The Blue Mountain Review and the NPR radio show Dante's Old South. I urge you to check out all the wonderful artists and programs they support. 

Dan Marfisi - Jones House Music - Dan produced the song Man Free Weekend that Alison and I wrote. He also produced the pop version of I'm Leaving the Fairytale Behind by Athena Marie and myself. He also produced Winter Wonderland for me. He is such a pleasure to work with and so talented and he can play any darn instrument!

Paulette Miechle - Songwriter of Midnight To Cinerella the single from my cd Rustic Heart, which went Top 20 on New Music Weekly's AC40 chart. Also, has a beautiful xmas song on her site.

Jeff Foxworth - The Ontic - Co-wrote Believe with me and Rye. Also, Jeff, Rye and American Idol alum Michael Johns, scored the documentary film Don't Look Down featuring Olympic snowboarder Shaun White. 

Sebastian Sheehan Visconti - VAVV Studio - Multi-talented, producer, drummer, writer. Sebastian produced Memory Lane for Courtney and I. Also, produces my buddy's The Middle Class.

Kelly Moneymaker - I was so lucky to have Kelly & Jenelle sing backups on Good As Gone. Kelly is a former member of the group Expose, as well as an award winning songwriter and a master at arranging vocals!

Janelle Sadler - As I mentioned, so lucky to have Janelle and Kellys vocals on Good As Gone. Janelle has sung with Natalie Cole, Michael Bolton, Richard Marx. Very talented and funny lady.

Danny B. Harvey - Danny is an incredibly talented guitarist, producer, composer and great guy. He has produced or played with Wanda Jackson, Honeydippers, Slim Jim Phantom, Lee Rocker and Levi Dexter...and oh, yeah me! He ask me to do the backup vocals when the late Sky Saxon re-recorded his 1960's hit Pushing Too Hard for his King of the Garage Rock cd. Also on that track is Clem Burke of Blondie playing drums. 

Don Schiff - Don plays NS/Stick (an 8-string stereo fretboard tapping instrument) and he creates some of the most beautiful music with it. One of the most musical people I've ever met and a sweetheart. Don has played with everyone from Elvis to Tina Turner and I was so honored that he played on several tracks on my Good As Gone cd.

Lowen & Navarro - Love these guys! Wrote We Belong along with so many other great songs including Walking On A Wire, which is on Good As Gone. Sadly Eric Lowen lost his battle to ALS a few years back but he left us with so much great music and Dan continues to make new music and tour everywhere. 

Jenna O'Gara - Jenna sings the lead vocal on the teen pop version of I'm Leaving The Fairytale Behind, I co-wrote with Athena Marie. Jenna has an AMAZING voice and was fantastic to work with. This was the first time I've every had someone else demo one of my songs but we needed a particular type of voice for this song and Jenna was perfect! Please check out her site and listen to some of her own music. And, if you are a songwriter looking for a demo singer, I HIGHLY recommend her!

Bob Dellaposta - Bob wrote Keep It To Yourself, which appears on my new cd Good As Gone. Bob has had over 1100 songs recorded. Check out his site.

Terry Burns - Terry co-wrote the beautiful When Two Become One with Mark Luna from my new cd. Mark and I sang that one as a duet and it's still one of my favorite songs I've every recorded. Terry has had cuts with many artists as well as producing her own cds.

Matraca Berg - Matraca Berg is a country music singer-songwriter who has written huge hits for artists like Martina McBride (Wild Angels), Suzy Bogguss (Hey Cinderella), Trisha Yearwood (XXs And OOS, Wrong Side Of Memphis, Everybody Knows), Deana Carter (We Danced Anyway), and The Dixie Chicks (If I Fall You're Going Down With Me). Berg is most famous for writing the CMA Song of the Year, Strawberry Wine for Deana Carter. I covered her song I'm Still Alive on my cd Good As Gone. She was also kind enough to mention that I had recorded her song on my website. Considering the people she has written for I was honored that she would take the time to give me a mention.

Matt Laug - Drummer extrodinaire! Alainis Morrisette, Alice Cooper, Christina Aguilera, the list goes on and on. Super sweet guy, amazing drummer played a couple of tracks on my Good As Gone cd.

Lance Morrison - Also played on Alanis Morrisette's Jagged Little Pill. Lent his talent to the song Looking In on the Good As Gone cd.

Pat Bautz - Drummer for Three Dog Night and many others. Was kind enough to play drums on some tracks for my first cd Rustic Heart

Melineh Kurdian - Very talented singer/songwriter and a really sweet lady to boot!

Dina Gathe - Dina and I have done a few shows together and I always enjoy working with her. Her cd Bother Me is awesome!

Eve Selis - Queen of the Roadhouse Rock! Check out the latest cd 'Angels and Eagles'. I had the pleasure of seeing Eve and her band perform the entire cd and I was blown away. Eve is an incredible singer, songwriter and performer. If you have the chance to see her live, run don't walk to the show! In the meantime, please check out her music. I promise you will love it!

Patricia Bahia - My good friend award winning songwriter Patricia Bahia writes in several styles and is great at all of them. One of these days we are going to write something together!

Kelly's Lot - I've done several shows with Kelly and Perry. She rocks and is also very involved with Hep C Aware / Hep C Coalition.

The Mastering Lab - Gavin Lurrsen mastered Good As Gone while still working at The Mastering Lab. Big thanks to everyone there.

NARAS - The GRAMMYS - Debbie is a voting member of the NARAS/The Grammy's. 

SONA - Songwriters of North America an organization formed in response to the abysmal rates being paid to songwriters by streaming companies. They have even sued the DOJ in response to their ridiculous rulings that continue to erode what little money is paid to songwriters and how it is collected.

Music First Coalition - For over 80 years corporate radio has not paid one cent to artists when they play their song over the air - the same songs that attract millions of listeners and millions of advertising dollars to their stations. Sound recordings such as songs played on the radio, are the only performable copyrighted works that do not have a performance right in the United States. Books, plays, dance performances, movies and TV programs all have a full performance right. This is particularly unfair to artists who don't write their own songs. Bill HR848 was recently introduced in Congress and would close this loophole in the copyright law and ensure that AM and FM radio fairly compensate artists when their music is played on the radio. Please, please, please visit the website to get the facts and send an email or call your representatives and tell them you support this bill.

Copyright Alliance - The Copyright Alliance believes that copyright law promotes creativity and job creation and strengthens the U.S. economy. Those who create, render, and publish copyrighted works rely on the copyright law and its enforcement, for their creative and financial success. Without it, these creators would likely cease to exist, or at the very least, cease to produce these important works that are enjoyed by billions of people around the world.

PMA - Production Music Assn. - The PMA is the leadin voice and advocte for the production music community. They work with music production libraries, publishers, composers/songwriters, the PRO's and film/TV/commercial, etc. production companies and networks to ensure that music holds it's value and writers get paid for their work.

SoundExchange - Sound Exchange collects digital streaming royalties for performance artists and sound recording copyright owners. This is different than ASCAP, BMI or SESAC, which collects the writer/publisher royalty from radio, tv, film. There is still no law that collect royalties for performers and sound recording owners from radio, which is why we still need to pass bill HR848 the congress. This is also only for online radio that is 'inactive' meaning the listener can not change the song. In other words places like MySpace, Facebook, etc. are exempt and don't pay any royalties. If you are a digital online radio station playing my songs, I thank you and PLEASE turn in your play sheets so I can get some coin!

ASCAP - One of three Performing Rights Organizations. ASCAP, BMI & SESAC collect royalites for the songwriter and publisher of a song. ASCAP is the one Debbie belongs to as both a writer and publisher.

Go Girls Music - Cuz Chicks Rock! Love these gals. Lots of great info and support for female artists.

Bob Baker's Buzz Factor - Bob has lot's of great tips, books, cds, etc. on ways to promote your music. Be sure to sign up for his free newsletter.

Music Connection Magazine - Every other week for the last 20+ years and every issue is a mini-directory.

Musicians Atlas - Really great directory of music resources.

Discmakers - CD replicators - they do all my cds.

Underline Media - Micah Brown website and database design and development and all around great guy!

BMI - Performing Rights Organization. Collect royalites for the songwriter and publisher of a song.

SESAC - Performing Rights Organization. Collect royalites for the songwriter and publisher of a song

Nashville Muse - Weekly songwriter's newsletter from Nashville. Who's playing where, workshops, events.

Nashville Songwriters Association International - The NSAI is the world's largest not-for-profit trade organization dedicated to serving songwriters of all genres of music. NSAI operates workshops in more than 100 cities throughout the U.S. and four other countries.

Stephaine Spruill - I studied with Stephanie when I first came to LA. She is truly amazing and lovely. She has recorded and toured with just about everyone, here are a few names you might know: Tina Turner, Barbara Streisand, Mariah Carey, Donna Summer, Julio Iglesias, Ricky Martin, Placido Domingo, Diana Ross, Billy Idol, Simply Red, Juan Gabriel, Glen Campbell, Quincy Jones, etc. Check out her site for more info.

Kristen Womack - Kristen actually saved my voice. Back in the early days, I had a "teacher" who didn't know what they were doing and I lost the top of my range. I found Kristen and we worked for 2 years to "fix" it and I've never had another problem since. She is great for all styles and is located in Northern California.

Gloria Wood - Gloria was my very first vocal coach. She is especially great with classical and broadway styles. She is located in Northern California.

Jason Blume - Have had the pleasure of seeing Jason speak on songwriting several times. He really knows how to break it down and show you what is important and why. I recommend checking out his songwriting cds.

Mark Harrison - I had the opportunity to study with Mark when I first came to LA. He is a teacher, performer and writer with many television music credits. He taught at the Grove School of Music and his instruction books are recommended by Berklee School of Music. What I really love about his books are how intuitive they are.

Rikky Rooksby books - Rikky Rooksby has written a whole bunch of great books on songwriting and guitar playing. Some of my favorites include: Chord Master, How To Write Songs on Guitar, and the Songwriting Sourcebook. You can get his books at most bookstores.

Shure Mics - I’ve had the same two Shure SM58 mics forever. These are the mics I use for live performances 99.9% of the time. Extremely durable and consistent. Can't be beat for the price.

Rode Mics - Love my NT1-A studio mic. We used it for many of the songs on No Longer Broken. We also used it for the 1930’s songs we wrote. Awesome, awesome mic!

Ibanez Guitars - I love my Ibanez acoustic guitar. It actually fits me! If you are girl you will understand. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have a guitar that is comfortable to play! Mine is AEG20E super slim acoustic/electric with a spruce top, on board tuner and fisher electronics, in a flame/sunburst color. It sounds and looks incredible. Very reasonably priced too.

Apogee - Love their stuff! I have the MiC and the sound quality is amazing!

Washburn Guitars - Washburn was started in Chicago in 1883 by George Washburn. I have a D11TR made in 2002. Made from Mountain Ash top, back & sides with Rosewood fingerboard and Mahogany neck. Great inexpensive acoustic guitar.