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"...Her latest single is called True Me. It's a heartfelt ballad that seems to draw from personal experience. Trying to put thoughts and feelings into words is, perhaps, quite challenging for most, but Hennessey does it in a plaintive yet uplifting manner. She sings with seemingly effortless phrasing that hits you where you live. The singer-songwriter's vocals are full, rich, and dynamic, supported by Jonathan Hayes' ethereal and somewhat bluesy guitar. True Me is a stellar tune in the vein of Bonnie Raitt or Sheryl Crow but remains totally unique in style and substance."

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(No Longer Broken) "Debbie Hennessey has been a force in indie music DIY circles for many years. On her latest offering, she co-writes with such other notable indie writers as Courtney Leigh Heins and Athena Marie, crafting an intensely listenable album of country tinged rock. The album is perfectly produced and mixed by Jeffery Marshall, who also co-writes six of the tunes. But what truly sets these songs apart from the majority of country music today is the voice of Hennessey, entirely different from any other femaile voice you will hear. It is this difference that provides Hennessey's signature and makes her music unique.

As far as the songs, the lyrics are definitely relatable and should conect with listeners who are struggling with the same issues as the songwriters. Best tracks on the album are "Every Song Is You" the title track ("No Longer Broken") "Sugar and Rain" and "Right For Right Now." The other stand out song is the one tune not written by Hennessey, the brilliant duet with singer songwriter Lexie Hofer, "Woman."

Recommendation: This one is a no-brainer. Between the lyrical content and the musical accompaniment, and a voice that stands out from the pack, No Longer Broken is a definite Get It for lovers of great music."

No Depression

(No Longer Broken) "Sometimes the boulevard of broken dreams is really a highway of smashed hearts.

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Debbie Hennessey been down that road. But No Longer Broken is in the past tense; she's looking in her rearview mirror, leaving the dashed hopes and bad shit behind. This is honest talk from a strong woman; however, the music is brimming with infectious pop/rock melodies even when the lyrics are tossing poison darts.

Hennessey epitomizes the rootsy side of Adult Album Alternative, essentially classic rock with a contemporary edge. While there are country flavors in the grooves, this is definitely a West Coast record, more Linda Ronstadt and Jackson Browne than Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash. On Every Song is You, Hennessey's voice recalls the plaintive croon of Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac while producer Jeffery Marshall's riffs give the track a Wallflowers kick. The title cut offers a feeling of emotional uplift from all the heartache. "One touch from you/And I'm no longer broken," Hennessey sings, and killer slide guitar makes it all go down soulful and easy.

When Hennessey lets it rip, she doesn't hold back. "Liar, cheater," she rages on in You Can't Unpull a Trigger. The mean harmonica captures the anguish in her singing. On Let Me Go, Hennessey leaves her soul bare - and the listener breathless. Breaking up may be hard to do, but it's worth it if it inspires albums as excellent as this."

The Pulse Magazine

(No Longer Broken) "When an artist's voice can speak to you with it's tone, pitch and power - not just with the lyrics sung - you know you're in for something special. Soulful might only be a word, but it may just say it all when it comes to standout singer/songwriter Debbie Hennessey.

From its first song, No Longer Broken, is an album that effortlessly blends genres and connects the universal experiences of love lost (Every Song is You), found (No Longer Broken), damaged (Let Me Go) and … massaged with liquor (Whiskey Charm). Heartache aside, No Longer Broken is something to celebrate as a polished piece of work from an indie artist that deserves praise for being eclectic, yet electric for fans of all types of music. This album is a little bit country with a dash of rock ’n’ roll, a few bursts of pop and some rich rhythm and blues that collides with deep soul.

Hennessey’s voice is husky (in the best possible way) and offers hints of Stevie Nicks spun with the effervescence of a Faith Hill. On this, her third full-length album, Hennessey’s growth and range as an artist is evident, having co-written eight of the nine songs (six with her guitarist, Jeffrey Marshall), including the titular standout No Longer Broken. Hennessy is an accomplished indie act worth checking out; the production values and her voice – that voice! – will blow you away. It’s truly stellar from start to finish."

Music Connection

(No Longer Broken) "A seasoned singer/songwriter, Hennessey imbues her craftily structured songs with a husky vocal resonance and some deluxe backup by deft players. Every Song Is You is our favorite, a tune whose theme is music’s power to evoke and to transport. Suffused with organ, backup singers and a neat, nimble guitar solo, this midtempo song is catchy and satisfying...Hennessey is an experienced hand who can certainly deliver a polished product."

CA Rocker Magazine

"She's a Woman for the ages: Singer-Songwriter, performer, editor and photograher. There isn't much that super-talented Debbie Hennessey can't do.

Her latest work is the video for her release Every Song Is You. It's a cool adventure in love, friendship and romance with her tried and true video and musical team. Every Song Is You is the opening track from Hennessey's latest CD No Longer Broken, produced by guitarist Jeffery Marshall at Red Rover Productions. 

Every Song Is You was co-written by Hennessey, Marshall and Courtney Leigh Heins, and was named a semi-finalist in the most recent Song of the Year Contest. 

Hennessey's video team is comprised of director, DP and editor David Lillich, featuring actor Jody Barton, AC and sound by Courtney Leigh Heins and makeup by Madi Masten.

Hennessey's a gal who appeals to a broad range of fans. Her whiskey voice and fun attitude keeps you tuned in and her obvious sense of humor is refreshing in the competitive world of music and recording.

It's remarkable what Hennessey has accomplished on her own. She writes and performs catchy tunes with Marshall, she records, she shoots videos and manages to promote her own work.

Her latest CD, No Longer Broken, is a collection of songs that everyone can relate to. They cover adventure, heartbreak, love and joy. It's Hennessey's delivery and whipsmart lyrics that makes her so special.

We love just about every song on this album, but our favorites are the Spanish-guitar infused Whiskey Charm, the upbeart Right For Right Now, which tells of a doubtful newfound romance and Every Song Is You for its dramatic music and great lyrics.

No Longer Broken by Debbie Hennessey is a refreshing take on country."

Geoff Wilbur's Music Blog

(No Longer Broken) Debbie Hennessey's music is folk-styled songwriting with an overarching country/Americana music style, but her voice is that of a gravelly rock vocalist, and she augments that effectively with occasional mid-tempo rock electric guitar parts. It's a combination that allows her to stand out from otherwise-similar artists. 

In fact, the album begins with a rock beat and a guitar riff that dances through the rhythm, kicking off with soft rock-flavored Every Song Is You. Like so many of Debbie's songs, this one is simultaneously energetic and laid-back. 

It's followed by what may be the catchiest song on the disc, Whisky Charm, with Southwestern guitar flair and a stop-and-start rhythmic beat complementing Hennessey's persistent vocals.

Another song that jumps out is You Can't Unpull A Trigger, featuring its harmonica and thoughtfully-contructed lyrics, forcefully delivered with attitude by Hennessey.

Debbie slows things down nicely, too, with a mellow, western tinged guitar line supporting the heartfelt vocals in Let Me Go. A purer country ballad is Sugar and Rain, where subtly dancing guitar lines combine a vocal touch that holds onto some lyrics just that extra split-second for emotion to produce a powerful, impactful country crooner.

The disc closes with Woman a duet ballad in which Debbie's voice is nicely offset by Lexie Hofer's cripser, higher tone. A great way to end a solid disc.

In its entirety, No Longer Broken lands on the soft to mid-tempo rock end of the country music spectrum. Her songs would blend well on a playlist with the Eagles, Stevie Nicks, Karen Nash, and Foreigner. Such a strong album, of course, was to be expected from a singer like Debbie Hennessey, whose web page lists accolaes spanning more than a decade. 

Keep an eye out for future gigs from this talented L.A.-based singer.


(No Longer Broken) "Points 8.3 out of 10. Call it what you want, the 3rd CD of Los Angles-based singer/songwriter Debbie Hennessey offers American pop/rock like only the Americans can create it. Some Call it Country pop, others westcoast and if you are really into American music, just call it American radio-ready melodic pop/rock with an AOR approach or simply titled MOR, perhaps even contemporary pop/rock is a good description. There is a clear 1970's touch during the calmer singer/songwriter pop tunes, while during the rockier moments the 1980's are passing by. The American AOR/westcoast-pop material sounds like a cross between Robin Beck, Lenita Erickson, Alannah Myles and Bonnie Raitt.

The songs are catchy and most importantly, it is done at a professional high level, which is necessary to make an impact in the music business, especially in the USA. In Europe, this kind of music has always faced hard times, bit if Ilse De Lange makes it big, then why not Debbie Hennesey. Going through the track listing, interesting tunes are Every Song Is You (lovely mid tempo AOR for all the fans of Fiona, Robin Beck, etc), No Longer Broken (great mid tempo AOR), the calmer ballads Sugar and Rain (AORish) and Let Me Go...You Can't Unpull A Trigger (southernish bluesy rocker), Right For Right Now (great mid tempo AOR), I'm Leaving the Fairytale Behind (nice semi ballad) and closing track Woman, a nice calm acoustic tinged duet with a wonderful guest singer called Lexie Hofer. Without a doubt, a high quality release that might just as well be check by fans of let's say again Ilse De Lange, as musically speaking it is dangerously close sometimes, yet comparisons to the other mentioned artists are also notable."

Music Connection

(Good As Gone) "Hennessey's bold, husky delivery puts its imprint on her material, whose catchy hooks and spot-on arrangements show she knows her stuff and is surrounded by pro-calibre talent. Hennessey is a skilled artist whose polished work commands respect."

"Good As Gone, her (Hennessey's) thirteen-song collection of Nashville-ready tunes serves as wake-up call to radio programmers everywhere. Somebody sign this girl!"

(Sugar & Rain) "As soon as the first strains of this song begin, and Debbie’s utterly unique voice starts to cut through the pleasing slide guitar, I was immediately drawn in. Debbie’s voice is, in fact, so unique that it seems she could sing in nearly any genre - in other words, while her vocals are strong, they don’t have that affected twang or nasally tone that generally puts me off of modern country music. Instead, what you get when you hear Debbie sing is a rich, vibrant tone that’s full of life. It’s husky but polished, and that’s a rare and distinctive sound.

While Debbie’s voice seems to sit somewhere in the middle of country, blues and pop, the song “Sugar and Rain” definitely has a classic country feel and arrangement. By the time the chorus comes in, it already felt familiar, which is what the best country songs do. They tell a story. Here, Debbie (along with fellow songwriters Courtney Leigh Heins and Jeffery Marshall) explores the relationship dynamic that develops over time, creating a brand new version of the “I don’t know where you end and I begin” theme. What the lyrics here do so well is evoke that struggle of maintaining individuality while establishing a balance and identity with your other half. The “yin and yang” that Debbie sings about.

If you’re looking for twang and formulaic country songs, flip on CMT. If you’re seeking out something different, then open your ears up to the soulful voice of Debbie Hennessey."


"Good as Gone is another outstanding release from award winning artist, Debbie Hennessey. Once again she brings us great, soulful country/pop music that puts a smile on our face and make our ears go 'ahhhh'."


"Los Angeles-based country-rocker Debbie Hennessey can sing the shingles off a barn.... her voice is magnificent..."

Plus Model Magazine

"Hennessey's music is Quintessential American Music...her most recent album Good As Gone, is one that anyone can relate to regardless of background. Her rich, smooth voice contributes to the palatability of universal themes of self-realization, human connection and love.”

Oasis Entertainment

"No Longer Broken is the third album by Debbie Hennessey... She co-wrote most of the songs on this 9 track album. Her voice is smooth and has great background vocals. This album was very well written, performed, and recorded. My favorite tracks of this album are Every Song Is You, No Longer Broken (the title track), Let Me Go, I'm Leaving The Fairytale Behind, and many others. Debbie has become one of my favorite artists. It will be great to hear her first two albums. I recommend this album to anyone's music library..."

Unsigned the Magazine

"Good as Gone is a an deep crock pot simple yet emotionally satisfying vocal arrangements set up very well amid a blend of electric slide and acoustic guitars. It's country. It's Soul. It's Rock and a smigen of pop. Debbie's music has a grace that is beautiful and greatly needed."

Singer Universe

"Good As Gone is an appealing, uptempo tempo country song, which provides a terrific showcase for Hennessey's rich, distinctive vocals. Hennessey has a voice which sounds authentic and soulful."

Woman's Radio Network

Good as Gone will go over very well with a wide variety of audiences and should be upheld as a milestone for country artists who wish to incorporate different styles and genres into their music."

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“Debbie Hennessey-Country Rock Star. 
Hennessey’s accolades are impressive, including AC40 Female Artist of the Year by New Music Weekly…but what is most impressive and what Debbie Hennessey is best known for is her immense musical talent and songwriting abilities. Her new CD, Good As Gone is a fresh country pop sound that is sure to go places.
 The title cut, Good As Gone is a peppy country rock ditty with impeccable vocals and harmonies (Good As Gone was written by Mark Luna & Richard Wold). This L.A.-based country pop rocker is ready to take on Nashville by storm with her catchy singles and ‘from the heart’ lyrics. Love Might Change Your Mind is a classic acoustic guitar pop song that is sung with soft toned vocals and harmonies. The cut When Two Become One, with brilliant lyrics and a soulful swagger is a modern day pop classic and may be her signature ballad. (When Two Become One was written by Mark Luna & Terry Burns).

 Dare Me is a playful, seductive country pop melody that belongs on any mainstream country radio play list. Another playful ditty called Man Free Weekend, is sung from the heart and implies what every woman needs every now and then.
 These co-written songs are consistently creative, articulated and passionate. When a listener can not only hear the passion in a song, but actually feel it, then the musician’s job is done. Debbie Hennessey certainly does her job; she is a masterful musician and talent that everyone must experience.”

MusicDish TV

"Good As Gone music video review: "This sassy country tune has a catchy melody that drives with an attitude as tough as a John Deere tractor. With a chorus that wails, 'I’m movin’ on / I’m good as gone', the track is the perfect runaway anthem with its ‘leave it all behind’ theme, allowing listeners to let loose and embrace the open road."

Le Cri du Coyote

(Rustic Heart) "First CD from a remarkably original artist... that inimitable flavor of country/rock/soul... of those visionaries who unanimously unite critical and broad audiences. The Album of the Month without hesitation."

NoHo LA Magazine

“Debbie Hennessey’s excellent album, Rustic Heart, has more than a few nice things going for it. Among them: great material, a lovely voice and terrific production by Rye Randa. It’s a true indie album, yet it sounds as well-crafted as most tracks you hear on the airwaves. As the title suggests, there is a bit of country in these eight songs of love and/or heartache."

Rikk's Revues

(Rustic Heart) “Her unique voice adds a special soul to tunes that are good on their own merit, but Debbie's vocals are a breath of fresh air. The style is a cross between country, pop and soul.... The CD slides effortlessly from beginning to end, and could be played on Adult Contemporary radio, as well as country formats. A truly solid effort from a wonderful performer.”

Valley Scene

(Rustic Heart) “Despite the lack of a major engine behind this album, the fact her album has garnered such accolades (as the Grammy Ballot) typifies the level of respect that Hennessey’s first effort has attained from her peers in the music business, and rightfully so. A country-influenced work, the album features tracks written by several songwriters. The CD’s instrumentation is subtle, almost understated, but none theless it is quite tasteful, leaving Hennessey’s vocals and harmonies as the focal points of the songs. With the album receiving airplay on various Adult Contemporary radio charts, this is an artist who is not overly restricted to her country roots. Rustic Heart is refreshing in the sense that it simply is what it is, basic and stripped down. It’s an album that is totally devoid of being pop. Clearly, Hennessey is a female vocalist whose main appeal is not intended for the teenybopper market, and that is also part of what makes this album refreshing. “Just Short of Glory?” Hennessey is sure to have a long and accomplished career ahead to look forward to.”


"Debbie's unique singer/songwriter carries a comfortable strength in her solid vocal performance and interpretations... known for her solid stage, the tracks chosen on Rustic Heart are sure fire hits played live. Rustic Heart has several tracks written by other songwriters but Debbie's presense delivers each songs lyrics as a story all her own."

Celebrity Cafe

“Wow! Debbie has a unique voice. I mean very unqiue.... She has a sweet and innocent looking face that looks as if she'll sing like Jewel or such. Instead she sings like she's had a few rough times in her life.... Of particular note is Midnight to Cinderella which really grabs you by the ears and makes you want to cry."

Bay Street Irregular

“Debbie Hennessey looks a little bit like Renee Zellwegger but sings much better. Her rich, smooth voice is suited for many genres of music and one senses she could really belt out a torch song. She also does her own backup vocals via multi-tracks, with harmonies that recall the similar work of Carole King and Laura Nyro."

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(Rustic Heart) I'm quickly becoming a Debbie Hennessey fan and this superb entry (Any Way I Can) is just another reason why!"...   (Sound of My Love) First class New Country with rich, smooth vocal throughout."

Chilled Country

(Midnight to Cinderella) "With such unique vocals, this is one of three very strong songs currently available on Debbie's site."

Restless Country

"I had a listen and loved the originality within these vocals (Sound of My Love). You won't expect this so crank it up!"

Country Girls With Attitude

“Debbie has an excellent voice which reminds me of Faith Hill... her deep captivating voice will capture your soul!”