Debbie's Spring Music News!

Hi guys,

I can't believe the last newsletter I sent was in January and it's already April! Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their spring. I've been busy continuing to promote No Longer Broken with interviews and radio play. I don't always get copies of the interviews but there are a couple new ones you can hear. One was with Ray Powers from The Ray Powers Hour on New Visions Radio Network, which can be heard here on my website, and the other was with the John and Dan from Behind The Barricade and can be heard here on SoundCloud. In addition I've been interviewed a couple of times on The Pack Show on Fame Music Radio out of South Africa. We couldn't have done that even just a few years ago. Thank you Skype! I can't list all the stations that have been kind enough to add songs from the new cd but check out my Facebook page as I usually add links there when I know about airplay ahead of time. 

Couple of items regarding Every Song Is You. We are working on putting together a music video for it and the awesome and talented David Lillich with be directing, filming and editing. We've been figuring out locations and such. Hope to have it for you very soon. The song was also chosen as a Semi-Finalist in the most recent Song of the Year Contest. Always nice to get a little pat on the back for all the hard work. Every Song Is You was written by myself, Jeffery Marshall and Courtney Leigh Heins.

In other news I've added a Special Merchandise page to the website where you can get autographed CD's, limited edition posters and even some jewelry, which I created. The jewelry is very limited quanties and each will come with a download card for one of my singles. Right now there are some butterfly bracelets that I think you will really like either for yourself or as a gift. Items will change as I make more. And hey, it's a great way to help me get that video made...subtle, I know. ;-) 

That's all the news for now. No Longer Broken is available at iTunes and CD Baby, physical copies of the cd are available at CD Baby where you can actually speak to a real person here in the US by calling 1-800-Buy-My-CD! Don't forget to leave a rating or short review wherever you purchase or listen to my music as it greatly increases the changes of my music being discovered by others. Here is the link to my Facebook Music Page if you'd like to join me there. Be sure to choose "get notifications" if you do so you don't miss anything. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube page as well.

As always, I am so very grateful for your support.