Show Sunday, Sept.7 & Music News

Hello Friends! 

This Sunday, Sept 7th at 7pm I will be returning to Molly Malone's to play their Nashville Nights series. Joining me once again on guitar will be my good friend and co-writer/producer Jeffery Marshall. Also joining us for several songs will be some of my other favorite co-writers and musicians: Courtney Leigh HeinsClayton Severson, and Rye Randa. We will be playing a set of new songs, many of which will be on my upcoming ep. We are up first so will start on time. If you are in the LA area I hope you will come join us.

Here's the Facebook link for the event: 

In other music news: I recently finished recording some traditional Irish songs for a music production library and had the distinct pleasure of working once again with the amazing  Bryan Dobbs, who not only played guitar, bass and mandolyn but produced all the songs. The incredibly talented Pat D'Arcy played traditional Irish instruments such as bodhran, tin whistle and uilleann pipes. You can hear both of these talented lads on many recordings and live shows. Check out their Ne'er Duwels band, just one of their many projects. Also joining us for this project was my favorite Irish lass Marian Tomas Griffin. Marian has now officially done my two favorite versions of Danny Boy ever! One you can hear on her Bracken Band cd. The two songs I sang were My Wild Irish Rose and When Johnny Comes Marching Home. You can listen to both on my SoundCloud page by clicking on the song names.  

In odds and ends news: I will finally be making some major changes to my website. I've wanted to upgrade this for a while and look forward to bringing that to you. I'm working on bringing you some new music videos soon as well. We have been receiving some nice airplay on the new songs especially from England and New Zealand! Big thanks to those guys! You can always get quick updates on my Facebook page but just be sure to click on "get notifications" if you are looking to keep up with me there.  

As always your support is greatly appreciated. Nobody could do all this alone and as I said, I've been especially blessed by my amazing players who I am also lucky to call my friends, so I hope you will check out their websites and show them some love! All my singles and cds are available at iTunesCDBaby, and other legit music sites. Please be sure to leave me a rating or review as this will increase my chances of having my music discovered by others. Here's the link to my Facebook Music Page if you'd like to join me there. Take care, Debbie

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