Debbie's Music News Oct 2015

Hi guys,

Lots of good things have happened since the new cd No Longer Broken was released in June and lots of good things to come, so I wanted to give you an update on some of them. We held a cd release party and acoustic show in July at Ultimate Studios, Inc. and we filmed the show portion for some upcoming videos, including an extended promo video for the cd. It was a great night with friends and many of the people who had worked on the cd. We discussed how we wrote many of the songs along with how the cd came together. I returned to Ultimate Studios in Sept to do a video interview, which will be part of the promo. Along with the promo video we will have music videos of selected songs from the night. I've been working with Victor Salazar, he recorded all the video for the show and the interview and is editing it all together for us, and it has been a pleasure working with him! Of course, none of this would have happened without the help of one of my favorite people Charlie Waymire of Ultimate Studios, Inc. who hosted the cd release at his beautiful studio and made sure that everything ran smoothly along with assistance from Federico Angel. The videos should be available soon. Pix from that night are up on my website and facebook page.

We are very grateful for some great reviews we've been receiving for the new cd. So far there have been reviews in No DepressionThe Pulse Magazine and Music Connection. There will also be an upcoming interview in No Depression.Speaking of interviews, I recently did a radio interview with Will Stenner, which aired on Splash Radio out of the UK. You can listen and even download the interview along with the two songs they aired here on Will's site Stenner Productions. Splash Radio has been very kind to us over the last couple of years.We've already received quite a bit of airplay all over the world and honestly the best and quickest way to keep up with who is playing us is on my facebook page where I always post when I know airplay is happening. 

One last piece of news is we have a show coming up on Wednesday, November 4 at Universal Bar & Grill, on Lankershim right across from Universal Studios. Joining me for this extended acoustic set will be producer/co-writer/guitarist Jeffery Marshall along with our good friend Carla Buffa on guitar and backup vocals. As a extra treat my good friend and co-writer Courtney Leigh Heins will be playing the set before us with David Lillich and Bryan Dobbs. Courtney co-wrote two of the songs on my new cd and Dobbs played on one of them, and Courtney and David were married this year so it's a big old family affair! We really hope you will join us. Courtney goes on at 8pm and we go on at 9pm and the music continues after us. Show is only $5.  

No Longer Broken is available at iTunes, and CD Baby, physical copies of the cd are available at CD Baby where you can actually speak to a real person by calling 1-800-Buy-My-CD! How cool is that?!I would be really grateful if you would please be sure to leave a rating or short review especially on iTunes even if you purchased the cd elsewhere. It's ok, you can do that, I promise. It really helps increase the chances of having my music discovered by others. Also, here's the link to my Facebook Music Page if you'd like to join me there.

Thanks again for all your support, Debbie


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