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...Her latest single is called True Me. It's a heartfelt ballad that seems to draw from personal experience. Trying to put thoughts and feelings into words is, perhaps, quite challenging for most, but Hennessey does it in a plaintive yet uplifting manner. She sings with seemingly effortless phrasing that hits you where you live. The singer-songwriter's vocals are full, rich, and dynamic, supported by Jonathan Hayes' ethereal and somewhat bluesy guitar. True Me is a stellar tune in the vein of Bonnie Raitt or Sheryl Crow but remains totally unique in style and substance.” - Eric Harabadian

Geoff Wilbur's Music Blog

(No Longer Broken) "Debbie Hennessey has been a force in indie music DIY circles for many years. On her latest offering, she co-writes with such other notable indie writers as Courtney Leigh Heins and Athena Marie, crafting an intensely listenable album of country tinged rock. The album is perfectly produced and mixed by Jeffery Marshall, who also co-writes six of the tunes. But what truly sets these songs apart from the majority of country music today is the voice of Hennessey, entirely different from any other femaile voice you will hear. It is this difference that provides Hennessey's signature and makes her music unique. As far as the songs, the lyrics are definitely relatable and should conect with listeners who are struggling with the same issues as the songwriters. Best tracks on the album are "Every Song Is You" the title track ("No Longer Broken") "Sugar and Rain" and "Right For Right Now." The other stand out song is the one tune not written by Hennessey, the brilliant duet with singer songwriter Lexie Hofer, "Woman. Recommendation: This one is a no-brainer. Between the lyrical content and the musical accompaniment, and a voice that stands out from the pack, No Longer Broken is a definite Get It for lovers of great music.” - Robert Leggett

LA Music Critic / Indie Voice Blog

(No Longer Broken) "Sometimes the boulevard of broken dreams is really a highway of smashed hearts. Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Debbie Hennessey been down that road. But No Longer Broken is in the past tense; she's looking in her rearview mirror, leaving the dashed hopes and bad shit behind. This is honest talk from a strong woman; however, the music is brimming with infectious pop/rock melodies even when the lyrics are tossing poison darts. Hennessey epitomizes the rootsy side of Adult Album Alternative, essentially classic rock with a contemporary edge. While there are country flavors in the grooves, this is definitely a West Coast record, more Linda Ronstadt and Jackson Browne than Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash. On Every Song is You, Hennessey's voice recalls the plaintive croon of Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac while producer Jeffery Marshall's riffs give the track a Wallflowers kick. The title cut offers a feeling of emotional uplift from all the heartache. "One touch from you/And I'm no longer broken," Hennessey sings, and killer slide guitar makes it all go down soulful and easy. When Hennessey lets it rip, she doesn't hold back. "Liar, cheater," she rages on in You Can't Unpull a Trigger. The mean harmonica captures the anguish in her singing. On Let Me Go, Hennessey leaves her soul bare - and the listener breathless. Breaking up may be hard to do, but it's worth it if it inspires albums as excellent as this.” - Stacey Zering

No Depression

(No Longer Broken) "When an artist's voice can speak to you with it's tone, pitch and power - not just with the lyrics sung - you know you're in for something special. Soulful might only be a word, but it may just say it all when it comes to standout singer/songwriter Debbie Hennessey. From its first song, No Longer Broken, is an album that effortlessly blends genres and connects the universal experiences of love lost (Every Song is You), found (No Longer Broken), damaged (Let Me Go) and … massaged with liquor (Whiskey Charm). Heartache aside, No Longer Broken is something to celebrate as a polished piece of work from an indie artist that deserves praise for being eclectic, yet electric for fans of all types of music. This album is a little bit country with a dash of rock ’n’ roll, a few bursts of pop and some rich rhythm and blues that collides with deep soul. Hennessey’s voice is husky (in the best possible way) and offers hints of Stevie Nicks spun with the effervescence of a Faith Hill. On this, her third full-length album, Hennessey’s growth and range as an artist is evident, having co-written eight of the nine songs (six with her guitarist, Jeffrey Marshall), including the titular standout No Longer Broken. Hennessy is an accomplished indie act worth checking out; the production values and her voice – that voice! – will blow you away. It’s truly stellar from start to finish.” - Mike Wood

The Pulse Magazine