Debbie's Music News - True Me is out now!

Hi all!

It's been a while since the last newsletter. I hope you have all been well. I appreciate each of you who have stuck with me and continue to be a part of my musical journey. Hey, at least you don't hear from me constantly. You are welcome! ;-p Here's a quick update.

Last Friday I released a new song called True Me with co-writer/guitarist/producer Jonathan Hayes. I've wanted to work with Jon for about ten years, and it was worth the wait. I love this song! I hope you will too. Included is a bonus instrumental track. Over the years, I've worked with incredible musicians who create tracks that stand on their own, so I decided to let you hear what I hear. Shane Gaalaas added some kick-ass drums, and GRAMMY Winner Hans DeKline provided mastering. The digital version is available now, and later this month we'll have a limited run CD version.

New music calls for a new look, so I'm revamping my website. For the True Me single and the website, my friend Matt Gendal took some great photos. Jill E. Clark provided makeup, and it was a pleasure to work with her. As always, Orlando Rios provided the CD cover art. More new pix are coming soon, but most of the site is done so go ahead and check it out!

Very excited to be asked by the Sandra Macat Band to open the Whiskey Road show on September 22, at Peties Place in Tarzana.This will be a great night of Country and Americana music at the recently renovated 2500 sq ft venue. Lot's of room, lots of parking, hope you will join us.

True Me, No Longer Broken, and all my music is available at iTunes and CD Baby. Physical copies are available at CD Baby where you can speak to a real person by calling 1-800-Buy-My-CD! Don't forget to leave a rating or short review wherever you purchase or listen to my music as it greatly increases the chances of it being discovered by others. I hope you join me via your favorite social media site, Facebook Music Page Instagram, Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube pages. 

As always, I am very grateful for your support.