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  1. If I Have To

From the recording Rustic Heart


If I Have To - Written by Renee Carly
Angels come, this I know
You stopped by, lifted up my soul
I'll do anything just to let you know
My love is genuine
Take you where hearts are light
Give you the sun from the sky
If I have to
Anything you want me to
Let me make your dreams come true
If I have to
Together we can spend our days
Laughin' all our tears away
If I have to
Baby if you want me to
Do anything for you
My heart was sleeping when you stopped by
I woke up in love with an angel in flight
Well how can I blame you if you want to leave
Cause baby you gave so unselfishly
Flap your wings and start to fly
I'll watch you go through these tears of mine
If I have to
If I have to let you go
Don't forget my heaven's gold
If I have to 
Remember how I was the one
You chose to kiss under the sun
If I have to
Don't ever let the memories die
Even if we have to say goodbye (*)
If I have to
If I have to
If I have to
If I have to
Repeat Chorus 2
(*) = I'll let you go